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Colour is very powerful - and it can instantly affect our mood. It is everywhere! Well unless you live and breathe daily in a concrete jungle, it is. Wherever you go, you are going to be surrounded by the sights (and smells) of our gardens. The flowers, trees, bushes and plants present a collection to enjoy. It's why I enjoy my day job... My photography, is an extension to this. It gives me the opportunity to capture and share my enjoyment of not just my day job, but my daily surrounds (where ever I am). My interest in art began at the Wimbeldon School of Art. I used it as a cut through to visit my gran in the 70's. I then studied art at the Sorbonne; as in I visited Paris in 1986 and it was one of my day trip highlights while there. And photography is just an extension to the paintings I do. A quick, in the moment opportunity to share something beautiful. GARETH BRIAN LLOYD, 1964 -

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