Available Artists

The 'Available Artists List' is a list of artists who have expressed an interest in participating in SALA Festival but are still looking for a venue. Bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. You are welcome to host an exhibition with an artist not listed here.

If you are an artist looking for a venue please refer to the Available Venues list

First Name Last Name Photo
Steve Glass
Michael I participated in the 2017, 2018 SALA at the Adelaide Airport / Hilton Hotel with a series of large drawings. Solo show at the Bay Discovery Center Nov. 2018 Solo show booked for RAH June 2019 Solo Show booked for Women's & Children's Hospital 2019 Solo show booked for Signal Point Gallery Goolwa Dec 2019 https://www.saatchiart.com/Chorney Chorney
Ashleigh Amateur photographer for a number of years where i delved into abstract colouring in my photos Newly minted acrylic painter - dotillism and some paintings from my photos Gibson
Emilija Emilija Kasumovic is an Adelaide based artist working within an expanded drawing and installation practice. She is fascinated by areas of study in which science, humanities and spirituality converge. Questions about the interplay between our inner and outer world, where we begin and end, and what creates our body’s surface or limit form an ongoing conceptual basis in her work. Through almost invisible, but deeply sensory and affective materials, she searches for a potential where energy, space and matter become one with our bodies, thus connecting us to each other and the world. Kasumovic
Chloe I am a visual artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. I have just completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Adelaide College of the Arts/Flinders University. I have often sought out creating art as a way of expression and then translate these feelings into my own visual language. I often paint expressionist portrait and figurative paintings, impressionist landscapes, and I embrace gestural mark-making and colour harmonies. For SALA 2019, I am interested in creating impressionist landscapes for an exhibition Noble
Rebecca I am a live event painter for events such as weddings, baptisms and charities - I also do my own artwork when I am not doing these. Please view my Facebook for my live event painting posts, and my instagram for my personal art :) I have around 50+ paintings available for SALA. To see a complete list of these, please go to: www.bluethumb.com.au/rebeccaread Read
Michelle Artwork with a strong focus on nature, colour and light. Located in Adelaide, South Australia. Foo
Donna I'm looking for a venue where I can show a body of work consisting of 30 collages, which reflect on domestic relationships. Gordge
Kristin Wohlers
Gemma My hybrid practice explores themes surrounding self, identity and memory. Heavily featuring photography, textiles and objects my work invites the viewer to take a closer look in to my life, experiences, memories and subsequent thoughts and opinions. My artwork allows the viewer to make their own decisions and opinions causing them to question and delve in to their own personal life. Through the use of layering both digital and hand-painted elements I am able to reveal or conceal various aspects of my life. Burvill
Ella My medium is embroidery which I combine with my love of repetition and geometry to create simple graphic pieces. I normally stitch and sell portraits (as per Instagram) but have specially created this series to fulfil my own creative itch. The 'maze' pieces are all hand drawn first and I never stitch the same pattern twice. When framed, all pieces range from 15cm square to 30cm square. Given the small size and detailed work, I feel the work will fare best in an environment that allows for close inspection. Pietsch
Allen Walters
Hedayah Fahad
Amanda I have several mixed media paper works ranging in size from A4-A2. All works are framed behind glass. I plan to continue developing works suitable to exhibit. I am happy to exhibit in a joint exhibition if required. I currently do not have a website or social media accounts. Chalmer
Emily As an artist, I create with a fluid intention, allowing an artwork to take shape and move within any direction intuitively. My current collection of artworks are representative of inner growth, learning and self expression. They have been created using multiple layers of colour, form and texture and are a representation of the complexities of challenges overcome. The colours represented within each piece have been intentionally selected to help create balance and positive energy, complementary to the story and emotion of the artwork. The works are visually interesting, and aim to bring joy and positivity to the viewer. Lauro
Joshua Harris
Mike Matthewson
Amber Waine
Lorraine Brown
Amanda Schubert
Kim Looking for venue Tuckey
Vela I am a artist working in animation who also loves drawing local scenes of places around Adelaide. I draw all my work in a sketchbook and would potentially like to make prints or sell original inked drawings at SALA. Noble
Diana Motteram
Caroline Caroline graduated from Adelaide Central School with the degree of Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2013. Over the past eleven years she has exhibited widely both in group and solo exhibitions at galleries including The Hahndorf Academy, The National Wine Centre and Fine Art KI and currently has works in the Country Arts sponsored exhibition, "Island to Inland", which is touring regional galleries in South Australia until July 2019. Her summer 2019 solo exhibition at FineArts KI (Kingscote) has been very successful with works being sold to buyers from the US and China as well as to local Kangaroo Island and mainland South Australians. Her work includes large scale and small landscapes in oil on linen and on board; paintings in oil over oxide-treated paper, and large scale hand-coloured archival photographs, often mounted on aluminium. Taylor
Chloe I have always loved art and I am just starting out sharing my own work. I would be so grateful to have the opportunity to share my work and hopefully transport others to the places I create with my soul and imagination. I work with black paper, gel pens, watercolour pencils, studio pencils and pencil shavings and I mostly get inspiration from nature and outer space. Castle
Emily Emily Johns is a Secondary Visual Art Teacher, Artist, Illustrator and creative based in Western Adelaide. Her style of work is eclectic and all about the way she sees the world; in colours, shapes and patterns. She’s all about bold colours and the way they make you feel. The aim of her work is to brighten up a space and evoke happiness, joy and delight from her viewers. EXHIBITION WORK 2013 The Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg, Student exhibition · Wurzburg, Germany. 2018 Through My Eyes SALA Exhibition · The Colonist, Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia. 2019 The Annex Café, Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia. MURALS 2018 Mixed Spice Creative Studios · No Beige Walls (live mural painting event) · Adelaide, South Australia 2019 Brickworks Marketplace · Tropical Bliss · Adelaide, South Australia 2019 Brickworks Marketplace · Kids Space · Adelaide, South Australia PUBLICATIONS The Story of Skeeter · Adelaide, 2018. Illustrations in watercolour and ink. Johns
Patrice I am mainly interested in shop window display, but also open for anything. you can check out my website for images Eymard
Anthony Anthony is a collage artist based in Adelaide. His art is hugely influenced by pop art. Anthony likes to create work that is either controversial, a tribute to celebrity or just a beautiful picture. Anthony was part of SALA last year showing in both the Arkabar and also The Kensington Hotel. Anthony uses collage/ acrylics and ink to complete his pictures. Adams
James James Smith is an artist based in Adelaide, South Australia who was taught the arts by his grandfather. Working mainly with acrylic and oilstick James has been well known in the community for his vibrant colour palette where his work has been inspired from conversations, moments and feelings reflecting an urban and very unconventional style. Smith
Gerard Gerard Mignot is a French born citizen. After working as an illustrator for a greeting card company in South Australia, he studied graphic design and prepress printing. Gerard has honed his skills in various design studios and printing enterprises. Combining his experience, training in the old masters’ technique in oil painting he learned at the Adelaide Central School of Art, the mentorship of artist David Beevor, Gerard set out on his own. He works from his studio as a freelance artist in Adelaide. He sells to many private collectors. He had won first and second price at the Royal Adelaide Show in 2017 and exhibit at the Hahndorf Academy and Mitcham Art Gallery. He has illustrated and written travel books and graphic novels. Mignot
Kirstie I am a watercolour artist from metropolitan South Australia whose work focuses primarily on the environment and our interaction with the species in it. McGregor
Karen Walters
Tanja Open and looking for a new venue for this year's SALA. Currently exhibiting at Campbeltown Library until the end of January. Dot and fluid artist. Roma
Greta I am a semi-abstract artist working in painting and drawing exploring themes of nature and the landscape. My work is large scale and professionally presented. I am interested in working with a professional and organised venue in a group exhibition with similar calibre artists. Laundy
Thomas Oil painter and street artist working in Monochromatic. Readett
Bridget Adelaide visual & performance artist /musician/writer/ producer/ Hodder
Kate Figurative artist creating body positive artwork for creative movers like yogis, aerialists, dancers and many more. Lewis
Theresa Bassett
Amelia I would like to organise an exhibition of concrete poetry, preferably somewhere in the Christies Beach / Southern area. Concrete poetry arranges words and symbols in patterns the reader can interpret as symbolic and meaningful. I have included a sample of a concrete poem I created. Ideally, this exhibition will include work by both myself and others. Walker
Vicki I am a self taught artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. I have been painting for about 7 years and I started experimenting with dot painting about 2 years ago. I find the repetitive process of the dots to be calming and see it as a form of meditation. I love that such a simple painting method can transform before my eyes into a beautiful mandala or a sacred geometry design. The colour options are endless, and the designs seem never ending. I think this is one of the reasons I love this style of painting so much; there appear to be no limits. I paint on a variety of backgrounds; plywood canvas' (up to 60cm), basalt rock, and have recently started painting smaller pieces which are used as necklace pendants and jewellery boxes. Bartel
Phoebe I’m a natural textile artist looking for a cafe/restaurant to collaborate with Looking for a space that has sustainable ethos. Body of work | Using berries, vegetables and compost waste to create colours on fabric and paper. Hunter
Mellisa Durdin
Simon I am interested in landscape and the minutiae of everyday living: the network of our day-to-day world. What beauty is hidden in a scrap of metal found on the roadside? Can I juxtapose patinated automotive steel with silver, silk or keum-boo to make something unusual and new? I love the thought that something found in a wreckers yard, or old road signage, can be transformed and worn and seen as an object of beauty. It becomes something else entirely, yet still carries traces of its origins. My art practice is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities in found materials, stones and metals and observations of my everyday. Lownsborough
Enzo In 1971, I arrived in Australia with many years of experience in European hospitality. In the late 1970's, there was a transition within the industry calling for new and improved ideas/equipment. On request from a high-end restaurant, I designed and made the first ever mobile cooking trolley, designed from native Australian wood that enabled a chef to cook a meal right in front of the customer's table. This was the beginning of an incredible connection and love affair with Australian wood craft. The finished products are mother nature at its finest - a true display of our magnificent native Australian wood. Ideal as a special gift and to use in any home. Bronzi
Crystel Hi! I am a Macrame Artist lliving in Christies Beach with my 7 & 9 year old daughters ❤ Ferguson
Narinder I work with mixed media . Happiness and joy. Devgan
Pia his body of work presents themes of native Australian wildlife, fantasy and music, described in both abstract and surreal scenes. Some pieces are a direct visual translation of a particular song, and a few works are accompanied by a short fictional text, as exemplified in 'Dragon/Lizard'. This collection compiles up to 20 high quality A3 prints of ink illustrations, graphite illustrations, and several 1000mm x 910mm (and slightly larger) oil stick paintings on wooden board (see fifth image). Gynell-Jorgensen
Kay Hi everyone my name is Kay Beaumont. I am a wonderful artist who loves to work creatively. A bit about myself: As a young adult I would draw with charcoal, paint with watercolours and acrylics and play guitar. The next steps in life were marriage, entering the housing market, family, work and becoming a mature age student gaining my Bachelor Degree, and yep no time for a lot of art or music. So now once again as I have become a more mature adult, I have been able to give myself permission to actually continue where I left off all those years ago and ‘Do Art’. As an Emerging Artist I now use my skills by creating watercolour-charcoal paintings as well as painting with acrylics on canvas. I work part-time as an artist and in education. I hope you enjoy my Art. Beaumont
alan My work is traditional landscapes, retro South Australian vistas, and retro automotive themes behenna
Kara I am an Adelaide based artist completing a BA of Contemporary Art. To date my work has explored the art of wellbeing - how it can be cultivated, developed and sustained, culminating in a mindful making practice shared via origami and community art. For SALA 2019, I’m interested in exhibiting a range of portraiture and character design based illustrations, inspired by various mind states, life experiences and emotions. Gillett
John Adelaide Street Photographer •| One time•One meeting•One moment |• St
Josh Adelaide based artist and aspiring illustrator, I currently specialise primarily in black and white ink drawings. I'm inspired by the ocean, Australian native plants and animals, and also like portraiture and figure drawing. After a 20 year break from art pursuing a career in IT, I'm now 6 months into pursuing my true passion with ink! Hilditch
Erayshha Modern abstract art. Please view my social media pages for a full profile of my work. Marthenis
Brian I've been making furniture for sometime and started woodcarving in the 1990s. I'm aiming to expand my repertoire into sculpting in wood. Crossman
Sean I am a jeweller, artist, tinkerer and 2nd year Metal Associate at JamFactory. I see perplexing beauty, order, and chaos in the world around me, and use silver as a means of reconciling this. My work is detailed, playful, unusual, and draws on my personal connection to drawing, gaming, and domestic space. Prentis
Hannah Vorrath-Pajak
Genevieve Dawson-Scott
Clare Abstract mixed media artist based in South Australia. Armstrong
Ella-Maude Emerging Fine Art Photographer/multidisciplinary artist and Curator. 2018 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize Finalist, with work acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia. Work held in collections in South Australia and San Francisco, and work currently on display in Toronto, Ontario. Formerly studying at Ryerson University, Toronto Canada. The work below features two bodies of work created while studying in Toronto, further examples of my work are available on my website. Wilson
Shirley I am an Aboriginal Kamilori woman. I have had two solo exhibitions, been a finalist in the Fleurieu Binnale, the Whitlam Gallery Art zshow and the Victor Harbour Art Show. I have sold a number of paintings locally, nationally and internationally. Morgan
Sam I'm Sam Sharplin an emerging embroidery artist looking to exhibit during SALA for the first time. I create embroidered pieces of people, pets and places. Primarily I've sold decorated homewares at local markets, pieces. I'm beginning a new series of larger pieces (30x30cm) depicting scenes domestic, suburban life. Sharplin
Karen Hello, The inspiration for my artwork is the doilies and lacework created by my Great-Grandma. I have used the fine beauty of her stitches to create these intricate drawings. Each drawing has been done using pen on prisma board or cardboard and will be framed. I love drawing these designs and have felt the feminine connection across the generations as I bring each of her lacework pieces to colourful life. I am an Adelaide born and bred artist and this will be my second Sala exhibition. Last year I exhibited in Chateau Tanunda winery. I have been an exhibiting artist for 3 years and in addition to Sala 2018 I have exhibited in the Women's and Children's Hospital, Bearded Dragon Gallery, Black Diamond Gallery, ASSP Gallery and the Hindmarsh Library. I currently have some of my abstract paintings for sale at the Glenelg Art Gallery. I have my artwork listed for sale on the www.gallery247.com.au website and on www.bluethumb.com.au as well. I have a full artist biography available to send to you. Thank you for looking at my work. Haskard
Camilla A love of colour, pattern and the female form; a room filled with pots of gooey paints, a plethora of painting tools, sun, sound, and a blank masonite board primed and ready; the whisper of an idea, floating around my sub-conscience, glimpsed behind closed eyes. This is how each of my pieces starts - flashes of colour, a sense of possibilities, and the quiet thrill of what might be brought to life. It is, at times, a painstaking process that requires sleepless nights sorting through ideas in my mind, a lot of patience waiting for paint to dry (of which at times I have little), persistence, heart, and an acceptance that I’m going to find splodges of escaped colour trampled around the house! Each piece takes 3-4 months to create, or 6 if my ‘day job’ is too crazy … and, most preciously to me, each piece has the tiny, unmistakable tell-tale signs, like snippets of a story, that they’ve been created by hand and not machine. Adelaide artist, based in the western suburbs by the beach. Goodwin
Catherine Watercolours Flinders Ranges Bourn
Mark Hi my name is Mark Gary Weston, I'm a fine art photographer based in Adelaide and love it, what a great state we have and place to live:) From a very young age I had an interest in cameras, My Parents gave me a camera to play with as a baby, was it a sign? LOL thanks Mum n Dad I'm so grateful :) I love what I do, a passion that includes all my loves, travel, different cultures, meeting a variety of interesting people, beautiful places, experiencing all the finest things in life, witnessing amazing natural phenomena and the feeling of being connected to the moment how I like to see it artistically, I never limit myself to just capturing the scene as I see it, I also like to express the scene in terms of interpreting the scene and creating a work of art within the camera, a personal statement. I have the final print in mind as I press the shutter and that creates creative light art with vision, beauty and feeling.  I look forward with excitement in presenting local South Australian photographic art in large format prints custom framed. Thank you thank you thank you Past, Present and Future M:) Weston
Anita We are an eclectic group of artists, aspiring artists and craft people. Our members embrace a wide variety of mediums, including drawing in charcoal, graphite & pastel, painting in watercolour, acrylic & oils, mixed medium works, photography as well as ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and mosaics. We are local Murray Bridge artists and would prefer to exhibit in a regional area. The wall area we require would be 80-100 square metres, however we have freestanding portable display boards, plinths and display easels if needed. Bridge Arts
Lewis Dalby
TA Acrylic Flow Paintings Fiddes
WEN I am an award-winning portrait artist, working in pencil and watercolor. I have several private students aged 11-16 who draw animals and plants in pencil and watercolour. ZHAO
Candy Hi, I'm an watercolour artist with a strong passion in capturing the humanity of simple scenes. My artworks mainly depict streetscapes, ballerinas, flowers and portraits. Last year I had my solo exhibition, this year I'm hoping to join one or more group exhibitions to get to know more friends. Most of my works are D-ring glass framed. So I'm looking for the venue with suitable hanging facilities. Thank you for viewing. (text message and email preferred) Zhao
Michelle Michelle Driver is an artist and handweaver based in Adelaide, South Australia. Using the technique of hand woven tapestry, Michelle’s work has been described as ‘dark’ and ‘gothic’, inspired by x-rays, the occult, and sinister vintage illustrations. Michelle aims to create work that is quiet, but unsettling. She won the Port Pirie Art Prize in 2016, and has been a finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2018 (highly commended), the Whyalla Art Prize, amongst others. Driver
Jenny I am currently creating a series of framed realistic fish images of deep sea marine species and am looking for a coastal venue to pair with these works. Berry
Tori I'd also be interested in joining a group exhibition and would be happy to be contacted by other artists or by venues to discuss this option. Wade
Barossa Social Art Group We are a group of twelve artists from the Barossa area at different stages of our artistic development who enjoy meeting together once a week to share our love of art. The mediums used in our work are varied, watercolour, acrylic, collage, pen and ink and pencil drawing. All work will be framed (where appropriate) and signed pre exhibition. The work uploaded is a selection of our work...but who knows by SALA there may be more exciting examples for us to show you! BSAG
Cameron I photograph Australian cities using film and then print the images in the darkroom. The scenes depict city scenes that form over time without conscious planning from people. My series can be as small as 6 images or as large as 48 images. The prints in frames are approximately 34 x 34 cm's in size. Longshaw
Community Living We are a not-for-profit organisation that supports people with disability. We have held a SALA exhibition the past two years for people with disability. The first year displaying close to 60 works made by over 20 people with disability and last year displaying close to 150 works created by over 50 people with disability. It was the largest exhibition of art by people with disability and achieved some significant media attention. We are looking for a venue that would be suitable to hold a similar number of artworks to last year. So it needs to be a relatively large venue - please reach out if you are interested or have something suitable. To view photos of the exhibition follow this link: http://claust.com.au/gallery/myriadgallery Australia
Naomi I am a sculptor working in glass. My practice examines the subjective experience of being a body. I explore the tension between being an experiencing body and scientific knowledge of the body. Hunter
Deon My passion for woodworking started 25yrs ago, I have built skills and knowledge over that period. I've been commissioned to made a wide variety of pieces ranging from cabinets & tables to a dove cote & pen case. What excites me most currently is designing and making contemporary pieces of furniture. Being a small furniture maker, my vision is to produce a range of boutique furniture. Hands
Charlie Hi, I'm Charlie! I'm a multi-disciplinary creative visual artist. I'm passionate about colour, texture and nature. My work spans over abstract acrylic paintings, nature photography and textiles (weaving & macrame). To get a feel for my abstract work, I recommend viewing my canvas art pieces at https://momentsbycharlie.com/product-category/art-products/canvas-art/ My photography work can be found at https://momentsbycharlie.com/product-category/photography/fine-photography-prints/ For my textile work - please contact me directly via email. For SALA 2019, I am looking to be involved in multiple group exhibitions and hence looking for multiple venues. If you believe that your venue may be a suitable location, then please contact me at hello@momentsbycharlie.com. Or if you have another concept in mind, feel free to contact me. I'm always open to creative suggestions. I've also included my artist bio and previous exhibitions below for reference. ARTIST BIO Charlie Albright is an Adelaide-based multi-disciplinary creative visual artist. She is passionate about colour, colour combinations and nature. You can find her creativity in the form of paintings, photography, women’s accessories and stationery. Charlie runs her own small arts business called Moments by Charlie and shares her love of various art forms and creativity with people all around the world. Charlie Albright’s creative work is in private collections throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. “I want to inspire people to join me on my journey of creative pursuits. I want to show people that regardless of how far-fetched and distant their education, work experience or life has been from art, if they are willing, they can transform their creativity into any art form they set their mind to.” Charlie studied Engineering and Applied Science at university. Upon graduation, she worked in the professional industry as a data analyst, for over four years before deciding to pursue a career in the arts. She’s a firm believer of the philosophy of achieving anything you set your mind to. To join Charlie Albright on her journey of creative pursuits and see her collective of ready-made and ready to hang work, visit her website and online shop or follow her on Instagram where she is most active on social media. For custom and commission work contact her via hello@momentsbycharlie.com EXHIBITIONS Oct 2018 – Glenside Annual Art Show, Burnside, South Australia Oct 2018 – Solo exhibition, “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way”, Burnside, South Australia Sep 2018 – Art Demo & Radio Interview, Royal Adelaide Show Art Prize, Adelaide, South Australia Aug 2018 – Solo exhibition, “Chasing Dancing Colours” (SALA 2018), Adelaide, South Australia May 2018 – Brighton Art Show, Splashout Art Gallery and Café Luné, Brighton, South Australia Apr 2018 Flagstaff Hill Art Show (28th Annual), Flagstaff Hill, South Australia Apr 2018 – Mar 2018, Lumiere’ Art Exhibition, Splashout Art Gallery, Brighton, South Australia Jan 2018 – Dec 2017 Solo exhibition, “Movement”, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia Jan 2018 – Dec 2017 Solo exhibition, “Through The Lens”, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Australia 2018 -2017 Art Residency & Display, Auburn Art Gallery, South Australia, Australia COMMISSIONS Private Commission (US client), Abstract Art on Stretch Canvas (20" x 30 canvas), May 2018. Private Commission (Australian client), Abstract Art on Stretch Canvas (48” x 60” canvas), April 2018. Private Commission (Australian client), Abstract Art on Canvas Paper (size A3) framed, April 2018. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS Royal South Australian Society of Arts Practicing Membership Guildhouse Accredited Membership COLLECTIONS Charlie Albright’s creative work is in private collections throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. Albright
Kendrea Rhodes
Denise Warren
Victoria I’m interested in exploring the female form and how it interacts with nature. Currently I’m also working on a series of images inspired by plant life. I mainly work in watercolour but also experiment with ink. I would love the chance to share my art with others. Bridgland
Carolyn/Charles We are collaborative emerging environmental artists. Our names are Carolyn and Charles Herkes. What started out as a fascination to see from above, has developed into a passion of environmental discovery and artistic interpretation. The landscape becomes our canvas and at magical moments, we capture environmental art through drone photography. We interpret patterns and textures and digitally enhance colour, depth and contrast. A sample selection is shown All our images are captured from the South Australian landscape. Available as giclee exhibition prints. Various sizes Herkes
Marianne I am a self-taught, Adelaide artist who creates contemporary abstract acrylic paintings and mixed media collages that are colourful, textural and expressive. Hooper
Chromatisme Evelyn Gooley and Max Dal Santo, together known as Chromatisme Artworks, are Adelaide fluid artists that have been creating visually enrapturing artworks since December 2017. Evelyn uses both acrylic pouring techniques and epoxy resin to create unique works that capture attention wherever they are displayed. Max works with acrylic pouring techniques to produce original works that emulate movement and draw inspiration from nature. Artworks
Lisa My artwork features Australian flora and fauna. These pieces are hand painted and drawn using watercolour, waterproof ink, coloured pencil and white gouache. I have also created digital photographic art and have included a couple of pieces. Chapman

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